"Who is behind Luxurymodo™ and what makes us different from other brands?"

Have you ever been in this situation …

… where you wanted to book a really nice hotel for your next trip but felt overwhelmed (or maybe even bored) by all those standardized hotel profiles and commercialized booking platforms?

Well, that’s how I felt the last 3 years traveling the world. I used to spend hours trying to find a really nice hotel, just to find out that once there, the neighbor hotel was way better than what I’ve booked and not even listed on the common platforms.

I genuinely wanted to fix that and that’s why I launched Luxurymodo in 2022.

What's in it for you?

Our single goal with Luxurymodo is to present you with the most luxurious and unique hotels out there. This doesn’t mean all hotels on Luxurymodo are super expensive. No, it’s more about uniqueness, rarity and the special “wow” factor.

If we can just help you save some valuable minutes to find those rare gold nuggets, we’ve accomplished our goal.

Adventure meets Luxury – Explore the world in style.

"Want to have an unforgettable trip? Let me help you find the most luxurious Hotels you can dream of."

The Best Luxury Hotels Handpicked and Reviewed